Ledia Runnels' "World of Fantasy Fiction"

{March 4, 2012}  

Awesome, awesome fable, make sure to check it out!
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGER’S POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.


Long ago and far away, a woman was stepping carelessly through the waters edge and glancing wistfully out across the rippling sea to the rising sun. Orange light twinkled on the dancing waves as they rushed and died upon the smooth shore and washed around something sticking out of the sand.

Stooping, the woman saw the neck of a brass bottle poking up. She had heard of bottles and genies and, hoping that this would be such a vessel, eagerly pulled it out and washed the sand from it in the shallow water. Indeed it was a fine bottle with a tight cork in its neck, which she quickly pulled out without further thought.

In a whoosh of blue smoke so fast that she did not even have time to drop the bottle, a man in ancient finery appeared as by magic before her.

“You have released me from a…

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