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{April 25, 2012}  

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Title:Money Well Earned
Author: Joseph Nassise
Aberrations: Horror Stories
Price: $2.99 (kindle)

My first read as part of the Spring Into Horror Read-a-Thon

Money Well Earned by Joseph Nassise

Review: Money Well Earned is a nicely written short horror story that mixes an urban legend with modern crime. I loved the introduction, it sort of prepares you for the sweet surprise that develops at the end. “I make my living killing things. Sometimes I kill animals. Big ones, usually. Rhinos.  Elephants. Stuff like that. More often than not, though, I kill people.” That’s an awesome introduction that sets the ground for an entertaining short ride. My only complain: I wish it was a little longer. I am adding Joseph Nassise to my list of authors to keep an eye on.

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orples says:

Urban legend mixed with modern crime? … sounds like it might take place in Washington D.C., somewhere on Pennsylvania Ave. Something about the word ‘crime’ that sends my thoughts to the White House. Hmmm. Seriously, this looks like it might be a really good book. It was sweet of you to reblog it for Mr. Nassise, Ledia. 🙂 I wish him the best of luck.

LediaR says:

I thought the book sounded good as well. I wish him all the best in book sales.

Thanks for the reblog!

LediaR says:

You are very welcome.

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