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{April 27, 2012}   “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” Part Five
The Merchants visit Tsar Saltan (Act 3)

The Merchants visit Tsar Saltan (Act 3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, before many days it befell that a ship came sailing that way, and the shipmen wondered greatly to see there, on what had been an uninhabited island, a stately Palace, with golden domes and walls of white stone, and they landed to see this marvel.

The Tsaritsa met them and made them her guests, giving them food and drink to their hearts’ desire.

“O merchants,” she said, “in what trade are ye concerned, and whither sail ye from here?”

They answered: “We have traded in the skins of sables and black foxes in foreign marts; now we sail to the east, to the Tsardom of Tsar Saltan the Glorious.”

“A happy voyage to you,” said the Tsaritsa, “and give a greeting from me to Tsar Saltan.”

The merchants re-embarked and sailed to the Tsardom of Tsar Saltan, who called them to be his guests; and they came before him, where he sat sad-faced on his golden throne, with his new wife and her sister by his side. As they sat at table the Tsar said: “O merchants and tradesmen! Have ye voyaged far, and to what lands went ye? Is it well or ill across the blue sea-ocean? And what new wonder is there in the white world?”

The shipmen replied: “O Tsar’s Majesty! We traveled over all the world, and were on our way hither when we saw a new wonder more marvelous than any. There has been of old time in the sea-ocean an island, without inhabitants, save they were wizards or wild beasts. It had a great flat meadow on which grew a single oak tree, and about it was a dense forest. So hath it always been; yet but now, as we came to it, we found there a splendid Palace, with towers whose tops were golden, and with green gardens about it. In it dwells a beautiful Tsaritsa and a Tsarevitch, and the Tsarevitch has legs golden to the knee, and arms silver to the elbow, and in his hair are little stars. We landed there, and the Tsaritsa entertained us royally, and sent a greeting to thee.”

Tsar Saltan wondered greatly to hear, and said: “As God lets me live, I will visit this wonderful island and see it with my own eyes.” But his wicked wife, not wishing him to go, began to sneer.

“A Palace on an island! What is that to be compared to a marvel of which I can tell thee?”

“What marvel is that?” asked the Tsar.

She answered: “Across three times nine countries, in the thirtieth Tsardom, there is a green garden, and in the gar den is a mill which grinds of itself. It winnows the grain and throws the chaff a hundred versts away. By the mill stands a golden column, and up and down the column climbs a learned cat. As it goes up it sings songs, and as it comes down it tells stories.”

Continued… https://fairytalesbylediar.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/the-tale-of-tsar-saltan-part-six/



“Sur La Lune Fairy Tales: Russian Wonder Tales”



Ivan Bilibin’s art:



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orples says:

This is a cool little fabel, Ledia. By the way, I rebogged an article, with you in mind, in regards to a literary agent that might interest you, so please check it out. I hope the two of you fit like a hand in a glove. 🙂

LediaR says:

Marcy, thank you so much. You have become such a dear. I will check it out as soon as I come home from work today. Gotta dash! Have a fabulous day!

orples says:

You do the same, Ledia. Good luck with Victoria. I hope she’s the answer to your question. 🙂

LediaR says:

That would be awesome!

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