Ledia Runnels' "World of Fantasy Fiction"

{June 2, 2012}  

orples says:

I love that shot along with the words, Ledia … very nice share.

LediaR says:

It was really cute. You are very welcome.

orples says:

I’m trying to catch up, Ledia. I see you have two more posts on the Black Obelisk that I’m dying to check out. I want to read one, then the other. I’ll get there sooooon….. not to worry. In the meantime, I hope you’re having a terrific weekend. By the way, my great-niece got married in Houston Today. I thought I’d share that tid-bit with you, since she lives in your neck of the woods. 😉

LediaR says:

Does your niece live in Houston? That is where my son lives. My daughter and I live just north of there. She lives in Spring, Texas. I live close to her in The Woodlands. It’s nice to have my children so nearby.

I’m glad you continue to like my story. I had a lot of fun writing it years ago.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well.

orples says:

My niece and her husband and three children (including the one married today) live in Houston. My nephew and his wife live just outside of Houston. I can’t remember the area right off hand. I drove down in December of 2009 and spent a week visiting between them. If ever I make it back down your way, maybe we can get together, if you’d like. I don’t when that would be, but one never knows. 🙂

LediaR says:

I would love to get together when you come back down my way. It has been lovely getting to know you through our blog posts.

orples says:

Ditto, Ledia. I think we’d hit it off just as well in person. 🙂

LediaR says:

I do to. 🙂

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